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Saturday, July 25, 2009

gone Flickring

So I used to have a Flickr account. But then I deleted it, because I wasn't happy that people could only see 1024x768 max resolution. Okay, I relent. And now that I found out that the originals are still stored on the server when you have Flickr free and can be accessed if you upgrade to Flickr Pro. Okey dokey. And I reasoned that I like the photostream idea better. I don't have to group pictures into blog posts this way. So, yeah, consider this abandoned until I post again. You can check out my Flickr if you want.


MoonShaw said...

I use Flickr too, and it's great. The only fault it has is that you can only upload 100 MB per month...

Silver said...

I like your pictures. It really look like art gallery stuff ;)


Nathaniel said...

Why thanks. I personally don't think they're up to that level, but I don't prohibit compliments!