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Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, at approximately 11:15 this morning, my camera was delivered. Pretty quick considering it was shipped on the 9th. So, it's back. And it is indeed fixed.

The orange peels (peelings?) are a shot I took with my camera today.

The mountains and clouds are around Joseph, I think. But I'm not sure... it was a shot from Mr. Boyd's car coming back from a cast and crew party for a play. This is cropped and tweaked.


starsofglory said...
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starsofglory said...

The orange peel one was very interesting. I like it.
The second one was beautiful! Did you take these pictures?

Matthew said...

The peels look awesome.

sunny_12 said...

I like the peels one best, too. The only thing that would have made it better is if there was no pot lid (or whatever that is) in the background.
Great work. I like close-up photography. :)

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, i took these pictures. Like I said the second one is tweaked. Edited. And the timestamp on the first one is wrong. Because I didn't set my camera clock right until later.

I have two other versions of the second photo I should post. This one is 16:9 ratio. I have a 16:10 and a 4:3 also.

Matthew said...

No, no. The pot lid really forms the backdrop for the peels and apples