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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black Grass

Taken with my parents camera. Edited.


Matthew said...

Looks quite nice. I like the way you see no background images.

Btw, try taking that same shot today! It's so warm and sunny compared to a couple days ago. :D

Daisy girl said...

Like it. ^.^
I like how snow looks on branches in the winter. =) But then again, I never get snow here so you are probably sick of it while I think it looks beautiful. =D

Daisy girl said...

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Lanna said...

Nice picture gnat. I really like the focus work with a very nice depth of field...coolio.

I posted new pics....took long enough, huh?

Hi CHERISE! why do always get here, LeeAnna

Daisy girl said...

Hmm maybe 'cause you NEVER come on! Except now! yay! =)

Anonymous said...
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