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Friday, May 9, 2008

from today

These two are at the lake not too long ago, but not today. It was actually after the Youth Arts Festival. The Deals, my mom, and I were up at the Lake after that.

And here is Joella playing piano after the Patriot's Ball.


Ashes said...

Hey Gnat..these are great!
Hey is there any way I can get some pics of the youth arts festival from you, if you have any?
I would appreciate that!
Keep up the good work..I know you're definately going somewhere with it.

Nathaniel said...

Sure, I can get you pictures. I guess you don't have a flash drive that's not broken, so can I just come over and give them to you?

And thanks for the compliment! :)

Ashes said...

Heck yeah! That would work fine (considering I inhabit the house right across the street..haha).
Well Ma gets off work and comes home around 5:30ish, so around that time would be great, or whenever, it really doesn't matter so long as she's home somewhere. Hope to see you when you can..

Nathaniel said...

k, that should work. and if you have any questions on geometry that aren't regarding tonight's homework, feel free to ask.

Ashes said...

Mk..see you soon hopefully then, I appreciate it.
Thanks! :)

Matthew said...

Very nice pictures, Gnat! I especially like the color on the flowers. God made the colors on spring flowers so beautifully...they go together so well...

Anyways, did you notice the two typos? Well, there may have been more, but I didn't catch them. :p

FYI, they were "to" instead of "too," and "Festicval."


milyusha said...

I really like the piano shot!

And yeah, I'm busy ;) College tends to do that to you...

Keep up the good photography :)
-Maria (from Gearfire)

sunny_12 said...

I posted picutes (I like yours btw)on Meant to Live ( There are some new ones.

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, I noticed some errors after I was offline. I'll fix them, thanks.

Hope to get over there soon and give you lots of pictures!!

Hey, thanks! I think you're the first person that I don't really know that has commented on my blog. Wowzers. Your blog looks interesting, by the way... maybe I'll subscribe.

Ack!! When did I miss that? Another blog!? :p

Daisy girl said...

That doesn't look anything like Joella!!! lol. Least she didn't look like that last winter. :( hopefully I will come up there this summer for the forth of July and meet everybody up there...and you...Joella insists that I meet you. [ ;) ] lol.

Daisy girl said...

hey someones hand is in the right of the photo.

Nathaniel said...

That will be fun. Meeting someone I've only known online before. Kind of like a dream you have that comes true. A little bit surreal...

Daisy girl said...

Yeah, exactly. When Lee and Jo came here, it was actually pretty dreamy, 'cause we didn't really think it would actually was even hard to believe it was happening when it was.
But yeah, it will be real fun! :)

Nathaniel said...

Woot! Spelling mistakes finally fixed. There you go, Matthew!

Totally. =^)

Ashes said...

Hey thanks for bringing down the pics Gnat.
And playing basketball..should do that again, who knew sports could be so..entertaining..haha.
See some of you tomorrow:)
And Daisy perhaps I'll see you later this year. ;)

Daisy girl said...

That will be cool, Ashes!
Lol then maybe we'll play that one song for Jake. hahaha.

Daisy girl said...

I posted on Starsofglory.