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Thursday, June 26, 2008

not yet...

...but here's a couple pics to hold you over :p


Matthew said...

That first one is the BEST! I love the colors and the lighting.

*scanning for traces of sin*

Hmmm...maybe the darkness of the clouds...don't want it to look too Thomas Kinkade. =p

Yeah, I see all these great shots while working on the ranch, but I never have a camera. The lighting is SO awesome sometimes...the bright, translucent green of the crops up on the field, under the pink/orange/overcast of the stormy morning.

Oh, there was this one shot where the view of the mountains and fields in the left-hand mirror of the truck was overcast, but the sky around the mirror was sunny and light...that would have been so cool.

Another time there was this bald eagle...

Nathaniel said...

Haha, thanks. Maybe I should get you one of those super tough and nicely thin Olympus camera... but then you might waste time all the time taking pictures... lolz.