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Thursday, January 1, 2009

the Pacific in December

These are from a stop at the Oregon beach on Christmas vacation. I love that place!
Also, here's an awesome wallpaper on the Oregon coast, at or near Pacific City, I think. Highly recommended.


Maria said...

These are so beautiful! You make me miss the West Coast so much :)

PS - get ready for some rockin' photos of Ireland :)

Hannahlee said...

Hey, these are awesome landscapes, dude! Keep it up!

Hannahlee said...

LOL, Nathaniel, yes that's me. :D Trying to get better at self portraits, but SERIOUS editing doesn't hurt any. ha! And I'm not sure what version of Lightroom I have? It just says, "Adobe Lightroom"... that's it. Do you have it? And if not what do you edit with?