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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attack of the Miscellaneous Images

This is pretty much a purge of my to blog album in Picasa. Which is a good thing, because I'm going to be posting the very best shots (IMHO) from our vacation (mostly in Utah). So, here is what was sitting around waiting to be posted.

This one is from family vacation in Idaho last year. It's right by the pool at Three Rivers Motel, if you can't tell.

This is one of our mugs sitting on our dining room table. It's a mug my dad won at an Inland Northwest Musicians concert, for the curious of you.

And this is another mug sitting on our dining room table. If I remember right, this is a cup of tea I had during a weekend home alone. I think I had the most tea that weekend I had had in a long time. I did the color isolation effect with the GIMP (our table isn't gray). What do you think?

Flowers (probably weeds) in our yard.


Matthew said...

Excellent photos, Nat! I like the third one. Notice how they all employ the rule of thirds? It seems to show up in aesthetically pleasing pictures for some reason...

Hannahlee said...

Lol dude, find your photos and go from there - the rules have to be adjusted for different computer set ups. ;) Hahaha. NOW try it. Dooooooo it.

MoonShaw said...

The first two ones in black and white are perfect. I love the footprints in the first! Because they are, aren't they?
The way the grey table harmonizes with the rest of the colours of the third picture is great too. I love the bubbles in the tea! And the last... weeds can still be beautiful. What I like from that pic is the detail it shows at the bottom and how it gradually fades to a blur as you go up in the picture.
Great work!

God Loves The Freaks said...

Beautiul. Exellent.